Terms and conditions


Once the booking is completed you will receive an order confirmation via email. For all forms of payment, all information is sent encrypted, and we receive no information about your account, credit card information or the like. We get only the message that the order is paid.


We take reservations for errors in the price list, the out of stock items as well as the errors that may occur in the calculation of the rates at time of booking.

Right Of Cancellation & Return Policy

In accordance with an exception of the consumer code, the cooling off area, section 17 paragraph. 2 and section 9. 2 is the purchase of foodstuffs and other goods for current consumption in the household, as to be purchased at public places, squares and markets, or which shall be delivered to the consumer, not the subject of the right of withdrawal.

Personal information

The personal information that you provide to The Bagel Co in connection with a purchase must never be divulged to third parties. The information you have submitted is stored securely in electronic format, and is only available to trusted employees at The Bagel Co. In connection with the electronic payment saved, no account or credit card information. All communications in connection with the electronic payment via ePay Gateway payment server with the highest security via an encrypted SSL connection according to the regulations of the PBS. We will store your name, address, phone number, and e-mail. Your e-mail is used as your unique customer number, why it is important that you enter the correct e-mail that belongs to you. Also there is a registration of the IP address from where the order is made. This registration is only used in the event of fraudulent orders politianmeldes.

Security of online payment

When shopping on the internet can be unsafe to enter his credit card information, and then touch accept. You may, however, thanks to the Danish law feel safe when you shop on the internet. The reason for this is that there is a set of rules for electronic payment solutions, which are designed to maintain the greatest possible security against abuse. This means that if you notice a payment, which you are not familiar with, and the amount is deducted from your account, it is the issuing (financial institution, financial holding company o.etc.) the obligation to repay the amount to your account. The issuer must then claim the money back from the store which has deducted the amount.