Become a franchise partner of The Bagel Co.

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Become a franchise partner of The Bagel Co.

Do you want to become a franchise partner in The Bagel Co and become independent with the support of backing with more than 20 years of experience? To hear more, contact Birthe at 


American Mentality – Scandinavian Quality.

We are the leading bagel chain in Denmark, we are inspired by the American mentality, where we are allowed to think big and wild, and at the same time focus on the smallest details. American sandwich shops originally inspired The Bagel Co's concept. In America, sandwich shops have a vast amount of fresh ingredients to choose from, giving the customer the ability to choose ingrediens that satisfy their cravings. Here at The Bagel Co we have provided a fresh and ensured quality for over two decades that has made us a sustainable and trusted brand within the community. We want to be the place where the customer always gets the best quality. It also means that no matter which of our stores the customer visits, you always get the same high quality, whether you buy bagels, salads, freshly squeezed juices or freshly brewed coffee.


At The Bagel Co, you get the possibility to have your own business with a proven concept as well as an existing economic basis. You will be part of a committed team that supports you and provides you with professional assistance in the daily operation regarding:

  • Education – we train you and your employees
  • Supplies – all raw materials in the best quality at lower prices
  • Daily operation – we help planning the day-to-day operation
You have experience from the past as the manager or self-employed.


You go through a process so that we are absolutely sure that you become successful in every aspect of your business.

The process is:

  1. You send an email with information about yourself. Based on that, we invite you to a meeting.
  2. At the meeting, we go through a personal conversation about you and review of The Bagel Co.
  3. We review the financial and legal aspects as well as the contract in bullet points.
  4. You try out working in one of our stores
  5. You present a business plan based on your future store. 
  6. We sign a contract when we are through the process. We will train you, so both parties are sure that you are completely ready to operate and develop your own store. For the right partner who is committed and skilled, this is an opportunity for a unique business.
To learn more, contact Birthe at


Join one of our information Sessions:

NOTE: these are temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19. Call or contact us via e-mail for more information.

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