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PRIVACY policy


The Bagel Co. A/S is a chain of sandwich shops.


2.1. The Bagel Co. A/S takes the protection of personal data seriously

The Bagel Co. is processing personal data in connection with the

  • the persons application for the recruitment of The Bagel Co;
  • usual administration of The Bagel Co., including salaries, contracts, etc.;
  • newsletters


The Bagel Co. has therefore adopted this privacy policy that tells how The Bagel Co. collects, processes and stores the personal data.

In order to protect the received personal data in the best way possible, assess The Bagel Co. current, how high the risk is that the company's data processing affects the fundamental rights of the persons whose personal data is collected and processed, negative. The Bagel Co is particularly aware of the risk of whether the persons concerned are being subjected to discrimination or ID theft, or suffer a financial loss, loss of reputation or loss of data confidentiality.

To the extent The Bagel Co, exceptionally, may need to process sensitive personal data, biometric information or information about the crime on individuals, carry out The Bagel Co. an analysis of the consequences of the data processing for the protection of privacy. The impact assessment to be carried out before, The Bagel Co begins to treat his / her sensitive personal data.

2.2. As a data controller and data Processor

The Bagel Co is in relation to the employees of the company as a data controller for the information that The Bagel Co. receive, process and store.

2.3. Contact information

The Bagel Co.’s contact details, to which questions about the collection, processing and storage of personal data can be directed, is:

The bagel Co. A/S

Old Vartovs Way 6b
2900 Hellerup

CVR 25500482



2.4. The Bagel Co. to ensure fair and transparent data processing

The purpose of make personal data available for The Bagel Co. is able to perform the tasks, which are listed below). 2.1.

In addition to the personal data, which The Bagel Co receives from partners or from the partners of m.v., The Bagel Co. choose to obtain information from other available sources, if this is necessary for The Bagel Co. the execution of its tasks.


3.1. The Bagel Co treat this type of personal data

The Bagel Co. collects and treats as overriding a general rule, only those personal data, as specified in Annex 1.

Would The Bagel Co exceptionally the need for obtaining, processing and storage of information other than that listed in Annex 1, will The Bagel Co. as a general rule, ask for such information directly from the person to whom the information hin

3.2. The Bagel Co. collect and maintain personal data for a particular purpose

The Bagel Co. collects, processes and stores personal data in connection with the activities, which are listed below). 2.1 above.

If a user joins The Bagel Co.’s newsletter, blogs, chat forums and/or groups on social media, allows the user consent to The Bagel Co detect, treat, and store the information as a user in the connection itself provide, including e-mail address, preferences with regard to the areas of interest, m.v., and that this information is used for The Bagel Co.’s marketing to the user, including the automatic expulsion of The Bagel Co.’s newsletter, blogs, and/or posting on social media.

3.3. The Bagel Co. will only process the relevant personal data

The bagel Co. collects, processes and stores personal data about partners, and users in a way that is relevant, sufficient and necessary in relation to the purposes described above or as otherwise may be required by law. The Bagel Co. collects and treats so no more personal data than is necessary for the purposes described above.


The Bagel Co checks and updates the received personal data in order to minimize the risk to the personal data, which The Bagel Co treat and store are not correct.

It is our partners 'and users' responsibility to provide the information that is necessary for The Bagel Co.’s provision of the services metres.v., as the association offers partners, partners, and users in the way, as well as to ensure that the personal data which is transferred to the Application for the use of the agreed-upon purpose, are correct.

3.4. The Bagel Co deletes personal data when they are no longer necessary

The Bagel Co deletes the received data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which was the reason for the collection, processing and storage of these. As a general rule, save The Bagel Co. partner's personal data, as long as the cooperative relationship consists, after which the data will be deleted according to the provisions in para. 6.3.

3.5. The Bagel Co. obtain the consent prior to the processing of personal data

The Bagel Co. obtain the consent, prior to the processing of personal data for the purposes described above, unless The Bagel Co. have a lawful basis to collect and process them without your consent.

A person's consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time by the person caters to The bagel Co. Partners, and users should be aware that withdrawal of consent may affect or prevent The Bagel Co.’s provision of the services to which the information is collected for the use of, since the processing of certain personal data may be necessary for the continued co-operation or use of The Bagel Co.’s services via the website, social media or intranet.

If The Bagel Co. wants to use personal data for a purpose other than that which is given permission to inform The bagel Co. on the new purpose and ask for consent to such use for other purposes, before The Bagel Co. starts processing the data, unless the new treatment has a different legal basis.

If The Bagel Co. need to process the personal data of children, seek The Bagel Co. the consent of a parent or guardian. The Bagel Co checks, as far as possible, that the consent given by a parent with custody or guardianship of the child.

3.6. The Bagel Co. does not disclose personal data without consent

The Bagel Co. obtain the consent of and information on what personal data transferred will be used for, if The Bagel Co disclose personal data to business partners and other stakeholders, bl.a. to use for marketing. Interested persons can, at any time, object to this type of disclosure.

The Bagel Co. collects non consent, if The Bagel Co. is a legal obligation to disclose personal data, f.ex. as part of the reporting to an authority, or if The Bagel Co be subject to disclosure by a legal decision.

The bagel Co. obtain the consent, before the transfer of personal data to partners in third countries. If The Bagel Co disclosing personal data to partners in third countries, to ensure The bagel Co. as far as possible through agreements with these, their level of personal data protection according to the requirements, The bagel Co. has established in this policy.


4.1. The Bagel Co. protects the personal data and have internal rules on information security

The Bagel Co. has adopted internal rules on information security, which includes instructions and measures to protect personal data against being destroyed, lost or be amended, against unauthorized disclosure, and against unauthorised access or knowledge of them.

The Bagel Co. has established procedures for the allocation of access rights to a few of The Bagel Co.’s board members, who have access to personal data. To avoid data loss takes The bagel Co continuous back up of its data sets. The Bagel Co. also protects the confidentiality and authenticity of the personal data, if necessary, by means of encryption and/or two-factor authentication in order to gain access to them.

In the event of a security breach, resulting in a high risk to partners, partners, and users in the case of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or other significant inconvenience, The Bagel Co. inform the interested parties about the breach as soon as possible.

The of The Bagel Co. - used servers and databases are certified to ensure that they meet the EU requirements on the processing of personal data and IT security, and is within the EU, so that the personal data is not transferred to recipients outside of the EU, without the consent of the persons concerned.


5.1. Cookies, purpose and relevance

If The bagel Co. place the cookies on the website, users are informed about the use and purpose of collecting data through cookies.

5.2. The bagel Co. obtain the consent

Before The bagel Co places cookies on a user's equipment, ask The bagel Co on the user's consent. The necessary cookies to ensure the functionality and settings through the use of the website, social media or intranet can be used without consent. Cookies placed by a user's use of third-party Apps, is a matter between the user and the provider of the App in question, and is thus The bagel Co intruder.

Users can get more information on The bagel Co.’s website about The bagel Co.’s use of cookies and how users can delete or reject them. If a user wants to revoke its consent to our placement of cookies, so see instructions under The bagel Co.’s cookie policy.



6.1. Users have the right to access their personal data

Users have for a any time the right to be informed of what personal data The bagel Co. processes about them, where they come from, and what The bagel Co. use them for. Users can also know how long The bagel Co. stores the personal data, and who receives personal data of the user, insofar as The bagel Co disclose personal data in Denmark and abroad.

Access may, however, be limited by respect for other people's privacy, business secrets and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Partners, and users have the opportunity at any time to ask for a copy of the personal data, which The bagel Co is in possession of them, however, that access thereto will terminate at the earliest of the following two time points: 6 months after a user's cancellation at The bagel Co.’s website or in groups on social media.

6.2. Users have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected

If a user considers that the personal data, The Bagel Co treats on them, are inaccurate, you are entitled to have them corrected. The user should go to The bagel Co. and to inform, in which unøjagtighederne consists, and what the correct information is.

6.3. Users have the right to demand personal data deleted

Users of The bagel Cos website, newsletter, blogs, chat forums and/or groups on social media can at any time request that the personal data, which The bagel Co. is in the possession of, to be deleted, cf. however below, in the following section.

6.4. Users have the right to object to the processing of personal data

Users have the right to object to The Bagel Co.’s processing of their personal data. Users may also object to The bagel Co.’s disclosure of their personal data for marketing purposes. Users can use the contact information at the top to send any such objection. If an objection is justified, it shall provide The bagel Co to cease the processing of their personal data.

6.5. Data portability (transfer of data)

Users have the right to receive personal data they have provided to The bagel Co, and them, The bagel Co. has collected about them with the other actors on the basis of the consent of the users. If The bagel Co. processes the personal data of a person as part of a contract, of which he is a party, the person may also be sent to their personal data. Users also have the right to transmit those personal data to another service providers (data portability).

If a user wants to use his or her right to data portability, he will receive his / her data from The bagel Co in a commonly used digital format.




What is a cookie?

Now use virtually all websites cookies, because in many cases it may be necessary to provide a service on or via the website. A cookie is a passive text file that is stored in a user's browser to be able to recognize the user's computer at recurring visits. Cookies can be used to generate statistics about the users ' use of the website, or send the personalized information to the user, Cookies do not collect information on the user's computer, spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. A cookie can contain text, numbers, or a date, but there is no personal information is stored in a cookie.

Information and access to cookie information

Website offered by:

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In addition to The Bagel Co, The Bagel Co. digital cooperation partners, which are responsible for support of the website, access to information collected through cookies. The information will not be disclosed to third parties, unless there is consent from the data relate. You can always opt out, block and delete cookies, see below.


On The Bagel Co.’s website the cookies are used to examine how the website is used, so The Bagel Co can improve the usability, including customize content and advertising, as well as generate statistics about the use of the website. The information in the statistics is anonymous and cannot be assigned to named users.

On use the following types of cookies:

• Session cookies set by the website and used to recognize the user, when this moves around on the site, and to remember on user f.ex. is logged in. Session cookies are automatically deleted when a user closes his or her browser.

• Persistent cookies set by the website and stored on the user's device and expires after a given date or after a given time interval.

• Google Analytics collects data about the traffic on the as f.ex. which pages and elements, the user uses most of the website. Web/the editorial board uses the statistics from Google Analytics to improve the usability and content of the


How to delete and to avoid Cookies

As a user you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or delete all cookies, or control it individually for each site. Users can also completely block the use of cookies. Users can make individual settings in their browser settings. The users can FDIM’s (the Association of Danish interactive media) website to find instructions on how to set your browser: Please note that these instructions apply to the vast majority of browsers, but the individual will not be mentioned. Users can always use the help function in your browser to get more information on cookie settings. This is done typically by pressing F1 on your computer. Search for "cookies". Users should be aware of, that if you delete or block cookies, can their access to the website be more or less limited, or the functionality of the website can be inappropriate, just like the individual functions will not be performed.

Why inform The Bagel Co about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to inform users about the cookies placed on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with the ”executive Order on information and consent for the storage of and access to information on end users ' terminal equipment”. The notice shall require to obtain an informed consent from the user when websites to store cookies on the user's it equipment.

The Danish business – Cookie Law

Additional questions?

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