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What is a cookie?

Now use virtually all websites cookies, because in many cases it may be necessary to provide a service on or via the website. A cookie is a passive text file that is stored in a user's browser to be able to recognize the user's computer at recurring visits. Cookies can be used to generate statistics about the users ' use of the website, or send the personalized information to the user, Cookies do not collect information on the user's computer, spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. A cookie can contain text, numbers, or a date, but there is no personal information is stored in a cookie.

Information and access to cookie information

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In addition to The Bagel Co, The Bagel Co. digital cooperation partners, which are responsible for support of the website, access to information collected through cookies. The information will not be disclosed to third parties, unless there is consent from the data relate. You can always opt out, block and delete cookies, see below.


On The Bagel Co.’s website the cookies are used to examine how the website is used, so The Bagel Co can improve the usability, including customize content and advertising, as well as generate statistics about the use of the website. The information in the statistics is anonymous and cannot be assigned to named users.

On use the following types of cookies:

• Session cookies set by the website and used to recognize the user, when this moves around on the site, and to remember on user f.ex. is logged in. Session cookies are automatically deleted when a user closes his or her browser.

• Persistent cookies set by the website and stored on the user's device and expires after a given date or after a given time interval.

• Google Analytics collects data about the traffic on the as f.ex. which pages and elements, the user uses most of the website. Web/the editorial board uses the statistics from Google Analytics to improve the usability and content of the


How to delete and to avoid Cookies

As a user you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or delete all cookies, or control it individually for each site. Users can also completely block the use of cookies. Users can make individual settings in their browser settings. The users can FDIM’s (the Association of Danish interactive media) website to find instructions on how to set your browser: Please note that these instructions apply to the vast majority of browsers, but the individual will not be mentioned. Users can always use the help function in your browser to get more information on cookie settings. This is done typically by pressing F1 on your computer. Search for "cookies". Users should be aware of, that if you delete or block cookies, can their access to the website be more or less limited, or the functionality of the website can be inappropriate, just like the individual functions will not be performed.

Why inform The Bagel Co about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to inform users about the cookies placed on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with the ”executive Order on information and consent for the storage of and access to information on end users ' terminal equipment”. The notice shall require to obtain an informed consent from the user when websites to store cookies on the user's it equipment.

The Danish business – Cookie Law

Additional questions?

Users are welcome to contact The bagel Co. A/S, if you have any further questions about cookies at

Further information about Cookies

This cookie policy is developed on the basis of's guidelines. For further information on Cookies, please refer to the website